The Ian Dee Mind Reader /Mentalist Show


The Full Stage Show

Ian presents a ground breaking form of entertainment, taking the audience on a thought provoking journey treating them with respect and intelligence, creating intrigue and wonder.Not a one man show, but one man assisted by a cast of many as the audience are as much a part of the show.This show can run from 45 minutes up to a full 2 hour show and includes some of Ian’s most incredible demonstrations of mind magic and influence. The full stage show can be performed for 50 to 1000 people and can be from a stage, platform or performance area and will be to the entire audience. The audience should be seated for this show.

Mix And Mingle

Roving entertainment is an intimate way to enhance your next important event. As an accomplished professional with a sophisticated and unpretentious style, Ian will perform at close quarters within a group, taking them on a mesmerizing journey. Ian will move freely between guests reading thoughts and influencing choices creating laughter, wonder, intrigue and moments of stunned silence. Ian offers a unique twist on the traditional close-up magician or after dinner speaker. Ian’s versatility means he is equally at home performing on stage as he is at an intimate dinner party. His unusual skills and humorous style have made him an in demand entertainer across the UK

The Parlour Show

Ian has created a lounge style act for functions where space is a factor and the setting is casual.This show can be performed at smaller venues that don’t lend themselves to the full stage show and will be performed from a small performance area to the entire audience.This could be a restaurant, private party or any smaller room. The parlour show is ideal for audience numbers of between 10 and 100 people  this is an intimate show bringing guests together on a thrilling journey through the mind as Ian weaves his psychological skills creating an air of something marvellous. This show is usually 45 to 60 minutes long but can be tailored to suit your event and time scales. Suitable for small gatherings that requires intelligent fun and intriguing entertainment for your guests

Bespoke Show  Ian can also develop a show specifically for your company or to promote company messages. Let us build a show that matches your needs and requirements Contact us today and we will start work on a show that is designed for your event.

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