Wedding Mind Reader Magician Hypnotist

Ian Dee is one of the most unique and amazing acts in the UK today this will be a experience.

your guests will not forget. .Ian Dee is a Wedding Mind Reader Hypnotist who specialises in wedding performances at  venues all over the county. Ian will perform  Wedding Entertainment show UK wide to entertain your guests.

Ian Dee has created a fantastic reputation for delivering excellent  entertainment and is known within the industry as one of the most unique & mesmorising wedding entertainers


The Wedding Hypnotist Uk

Are you looking for something that will make your Special Day that bit Special thanks to Ians friendly, captivating and humorous superb hypnosis and Mind Reading Show Ian Dee is considered to be one of the UK’s Top Wedding Entertainers available for hire throughout the UK.
Getting married is probably one of the biggest days of your life so on your  big day you don’t want to be worrying about keeping all your family and friends entertained, this is where a  entertainer like Ian Dee can step in .So you have booked the church, ordered the dress and the big day is all booked . But to  make your wedding unique have you thought about the entertainment  ? There are lots of different types of wedding entertainment and choosing the right one is your  your big day as you don’t want to  to worrying about an  a unprofessional act spoiling your special day.
Hiring a Hypnotist/Mind Reader would be a great choice if you choose the right performer. If you want a traditional magician making things disappear and restoring a length of rope then there are plenty of good traditional   magicians to choose from. If however you are wanting something that is modern and unique then read on… Ian Dee is the ideal choice for your wedding entertainment. A modern Hypnotist/mind reader Ian performs in  a way that people experience his show  up close. This is the kind of thing your friends and family may have seen on there TV, but seeing it in-real life means they know it couldn’t  have been ‘prearranged’ and there’s no possibility of using  stooges – everyone gets to see it  as it happens .Ian can read your  minds and predict their thoughts and behaviour. Ian Dee will use his  mind reading skills to baffle amaze and entertain you and your guests and then after the  speeches provide you with one of the  top comedy hypnosis shows available today  making  your wedding one to remember.
The Wedding Meal One of the most popular times for the stroll around Mind Reading?Magic wedding  entertainment.  Ian will visit each table between courses and engage all your guests  with his unique form of mind reading. The wedding meal can be the first time members of the opposite family have met each other .Ian will be the perfect ice breaker and  to help bring everyone together in a blend of  fun laughter and amazement.
The Photographs Whilst the photographs are being taken, there can be lengthy periods where not everyone is included. Ian can mix & mingle with all the  guests and entertain them with his unique brand of mind boggling fun. Hiring Ian Dee as your wedding entertainment idea during the photographs , is one way to help eliminate stress in an already busy day. You can rely on Ian Dee to be entertaining professional, flexible and mesmerizing.

Stage Hypnosis Show Wednesday 13th April 2016

Stage Hypnotist Show in Ingoldmells

Fantasy Island Skegness 10pm show

Show FAQ’s

Can a person do anything against their will whilst hypnotised?

A: No. A person in a state of hypnosis will not allow themselves to do anything they wouldn’t do in a conscious state. In fact, your subconscious mind won’t allow you to do or say anything you would normally feel is against your moral or ethical beliefs. In fact, a few hypnotized people on stage have chosen not to respond to a suggestion, such as the man who wouldn’t put on (lipstick) as a male-model.

Can a person become “stuck” in a hypnotic state?

A: No, the human mind’s protective sense of self simply won’t let either of those happen. In the unlikely event a hypnotist failed to return a hypnotized person to full conscious awareness the person would drift off to sleep and would soon wake up (if you will) and out of the hypnosis. During the show, if there were an emergency or the volunteer no longer wanted to participate, s/he could awaken at any time and leave the stage or show area, which happens in most shows when you see a person get up and leave the stage. You see, generally speaking, without the external stimuli of Ian’s voice upon which they are focused, the stage-show volunteer would either fall asleep or become fully alert and awake soon without harm. If Ian were (God forbid) to drop dead or leave the building before counting the volunteers up to full conscious awareness, they would realize sooner than later they no longer hear his voice. They’d then conclude the show had ended and would awaken on their own in a few minutes… like from a wakeful nap. At the show’s end, Ian awakens and removes all suggestions except one—that the volunteers feel refreshed, relaxed in every way and that they had a good time!